The VideoDays Festival 2023 in Cologne is a place of respectful encounter and open exchange with each other. We care about putting diversity and solidarity first. At our events, we therefore do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, Ableism, anti-Semitism or any kind of discrimination or harassment. We count offensive verbal remarks and inappropriate physical contact as well as unauthorized photographing or filming of participants or persistent disruptions as such. We want to offer marginalized groups a safe space where they are protected from derogatory and discriminatory behavior.

Everyone is welcome at VideoDays Festival, regardless of origin, gender identity, religion, skin color, sexuality or age. Together, let’s create a place where everyone feels accepted and respected!

We would like to explicitly point out some important rules of conduct:

Treat others with appreciation and respect! Behave as you would expect others to behave.
If you take photos or videos of participants and want to post them, please ask permission from the people pictured beforehand. The right to one’s own image applies.
Please do not infer a person’s gender identity or personality traits from their physical appearance. Just because you read someone as male or female doesn’t mean that person identifies that way. When in doubt, ask which pronouns you may use to address someone.
To be inclusive of people of all gender identities, we communicate in a gender-neutral way on all our channels. We use the gender colon to make it clear that we are addressing non-binary people as well.
Well meant is not always automatically well done. Certain topics may arouse uncomfortable feelings for some, even if they seem unproblematic to ourselves. Please respect the attitudes and feelings of others. We all make a mistake once in a while. Please be open to honest and constructive criticism.
Marginalized groups are not responsible for educating others themselves. If you need information or tips, there are many good organizations available to you.

If you feel harassed or discriminated against on site, or if you become aware of such a boundary violation, please inform one of our team members immediately. You’ll recognize us by the appropriate passports. We are sensitized to take consistent action in the event of violations of the Code of Conduct. Before or after the event, the best way to reach us is via email or direct message on Instagram.

By participating in the VideoDays Festival you agree to our Code Of Conduct. Any violation of the guidelines stated here will be punished and may lead to exclusion from the event. All artists, partners, sponsors and team members also agree to abide by these rules. Furthermore, they also apply when interacting with each other on the social media channels of the VideoDays Festival.

The VideoDays festival team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Of Conduct and the rules of conduct on site. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to two counseling services that are available to everyone free of charge, confidentially and anonymously:

Die Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes

HateAid – Die Beratungsstelle für Betroffene digitaler Gewalt